•  Infinite Levels of Challenge
•  5 Mystery Power-Ups
•  3 Power-Up Modes
•  Collect Enough Gems to Continue

Zip to glory in this challenging fast-paced iPhone game!

About Mighty Zip


We are proud to announce the launch of Mighty Zip, an iOS game available on the iPhone App Store. Mighty Zip is an arcade style game where your goal is to race down a zipper path and stay alive by avoiding the angry button obstacles. In this vertical scroller you can throttle the speed of the zipper by moving your finger up or down, which will help to avoid health-damaging collisions. There are many fun and challenging angry button obstacles that will become increasingly difficult to test your dodging skills to the max. Collect power-ups (for abilities) and gems (for continues) to achieve your highest level.

Mighty Zip Features:

Fast-paced arcade style gameplay that's easy to play but hard to master.

Fluid graphics with zipper physics based gameplay.


Intuitive one-touch finger control to race the Mighty Zip character around the screen.


Throttle your zipper for slow, normal and face melting zipper speeds.


Over 100+ levels with random obstacles and zipper paths each game.


Collect enough gems to continue your progress.


Mystery box containing five power-ups (cool) and one power-down (not cool).

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About Doji Studios


Doji Studios was founded in 2014 by two indie game developers, based in Arizona, with a goal to produce amazing Apps. Our first game, Mighty Zip, released in 2017. We are currently in development for our next game title. Our mission is to create games that everyone, including ourselves, would like to play with a focus on simple fundamentals to achieve gaming nirvana.

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